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The most cost-effective option to demineralized water

It is the most economic option to produce deionized water for various applications.

NEPTEC Ion Exchangers deliver reproducible demineralised water with a permanently low level of conductivity.


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Softener, Filters & Accessories
Outstanding Systems Require Equivalent Accessories

INTRODUCTION – To complete our portfolios, we offer, among other things, selected filters, water softener, storage tanks and pump stations. 

Each component has been carefully tested and selected for its excellent quality and durability.

Backflushable Fine Filters
Backflushable fine filter ensures an uninterrupted supply of filtered water. Theses filters remove foreign particles, such as rust particles, hemp residues and grains of sand. The rotating impeller ensures effective filter cleaning over the entire screen surface. The filter is especially suitable as a first purification step of your central water purification system.
For fully automatic filter cleaning, the filter can be equipped with an automatic backwash system. This has an adjusting wheel on which you can set different intervals. The automatic backwash system can be mounted without tools by means of a bayonet lock.
Water Softeners
By reducing undesired substances such as magnesium and calcium, i.e. scale, NEPTEC’s water softeners reliably take the hardness out of the water.
The hardness ions, calcium and magnesium, are exchanged for sodium ions, making the water “soft”. Once the resin bed is filled with hardness ions, regeneration or cleaning must occur. Salt is typically used in the regeneration process to regenerate the resin beads. After the cleaning takes place, the water softening process can continue. Intelligent control units regulates the amount and time of the water treatment and ensures the consistent at all times.
In fact, a water softener is the perfect first purification step of a complete water treatment as it will protect the reverse osmosis membrane and all following filters and technologies and make them last significantly longer.
Even for challenging feedwater, where normal softeners reach their limits, we have a perfect solution with a combination of multiple stages, from porous polymeric adsorbers to ion exchangers.
Available in many sizes and as a single (cabinet) or double water softener with
3 different control concepts.
UV Systems for Various Applications
In addition to the disinfection effect, the application of UV technology in the ultrapure water sector focuses primarily on TOC reduction in order to further lower the TOC concentration achieved in pre-treatment to the values required for ultrapure water. UV oxidation exploits the effect that UV radiation generates hydroxyl radicals from water, especially at a wavelength of 185nm. These radicals oxidise the organic components to CO2 and H2O. In the reactors, special UV lamps are used which, in addition to the wavelength of 254nm relevant for disinfection, also emit UV radiation at 185 nm, which is used for TOC degradation.
Exposing water to 185nm wavelength UV light followed by ion exchange is by far the most effective way of removing the last traces of organic contamination from water. UV light at about 254nm is also a very effective bactericide.
No chemicals are required. Additionally there are no toxic chemical or carcinogenic by-products left behind when UV disinfection is used. Germicidal lamps are equally effective against bacteria, moulds, spores, bacteria and viruses. UV disinfection inactivates pathogens which have developed a resistance to chlorine and other chemicals, such as cryptosporidium.
Filter Housings and Cartridges
Nominal and absolute filters in different lengths, diameters and pore sizes as well as suitable filter housings in PP, PVDF or stainless steel with or without indicator pressure gauge and degassing.
Pure Water Storage Tanks
The main concern when storing purified water is degradation of water quality over time. Our reservoirs are designed to provide effective protection against airborne contaminants. Stored pure water is used in various lab applications including glassware rinsing, microbiological media preparation, buffer preparation, equipment feed, manufacturing chemical and biochemical reagents, and pharmaceutical use of purified water.
  • The materials are selected for their minimum release of extractables.
  • A smooth inner surface prevents biofilm formation.
  • Sealed lid blocks air from entering the tank.
  • Various, space-saving designs are available.
  • An overflow connected to the drain ensures a safe operation in the unlikely event of a water system malfunction.
Storage tanks are available from 30 to 10000 liter to match the specific volume needed for every application. Under bench installation is also possible for some models.
To ensure optimal purity of your stored water, a range of accessories for your storage tank are available
Triple Booster Pump
NEPTEC booster pump systems consist of one to three pumps connected and mounted on a common base frame with all necessary fittings. They are designed for the water supply of pure and ultrapure water. The integrated speed controller enables the pumps to maintain a constant pressure in the pipe system.

AMC is available. Please request it during early Negotiations

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty is available. Please request it during early Negotiations

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